Penerapan Aplikasi Resep Makanan Khas Toba Berbasis Android

Muhammad Syahputra Novelan, Purwa Hasan Putra


At this time, smartphone technology is not only a medium for making calls, but also takes advantage of existing features, for example cameras, games and other applications. Indonesian cuisine is a reflection of the diverse cultures and traditions originating in the archipelago of the archipelago which consists of about 6000 islands and holds great importance in national culture. With the design of a mobile application that will be made and with the application that is expected to be able to help get information in the form of Indonesian specialties, for example the typical Toba food recipe which is also accompanied by various cooking tips from the database based on the categories needed by the user. When compared to a web browser, the estimation of costs and time is less due to access via a web browser which takes a long time because search results are not immediately obtained. So that people who like to cook don't need to be confused to be able to cook and serve Batak specialties that are healthy, tasty and delicious even though they are busy with their work.

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