Efektivitas Media Jagung, Kacang Hijau, Beras dan Dedak untuk Perbanyakan Jamur Trichoderma sp

Syamsul Rizal, Dewi Novianti, Dian Mutiara


Trichoderma sp fungal propagation generally uses synthetic media whose prices are relatively expensive, so it is necessary to look for alternative media that cost cheaply for mass propagation. The aim of the study was to determine the effectiveness of several media for the multiplication of the biological agent Trichoderma sp. The study used a completely randomized design consisting of four treatments and each treatment was repeated six times. The media used were corn, green beans, rice and bran. Initial isolation using Trichoderma sp with conidia density 8.5x106 conidia/ml in each treatment medium. The results showed the highest diameter and conidial density in bran media while the lowest was in the green bean medium.

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ISSN (cetak): 2654-4032