Identifikasi Mikroalga Epilitik di Kawasan Pantai Sepanjang Gunung Kidul Jogjakarta

Efri Roziaty, Nur Fatimah


Research conducted in the coastal area along Gunung Kidul Jogjakarta on May until June 2018 . This study aimed to determine what types of epilytic algae are found in the coastal area along Gunung Kidul Jogjakarta. The study used Purpossive Sampling method in determining the points of the sampling location which is then called the station. Sampling was carried out at 5 stations points along the coast. At each station divided into 2 sub-stations are designated as replications. There were 5 species from the Bacillariophyceae and Cyanophyceae classes. For Bacillariophyceae class found Nitzschia sp., Surirella comis, Navicula cincta, Navicula sp. Microalgae is found in waters in the marine waters

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ISSN (cetak): 2654-4032