Pengaruh Perbedaan Suhu terhadap Kandungan Mikroba Ikan Asap

Cut Dyah Eka Faradila, Iswadi Iswadi, Devi Syafrianti


The production of tuna in the sea of Aceh is quite high every year, so it needs the right fish preservation technique, one of which is smoking. The smoking technique that has been done is still traditional. The latest smoking technique is using liquid smoke from pyrolysis. However, there is no data on temperature and microbial content of liquid smoke fish. So it needs to be tested about it. This study aims to determine the effect of temperature differences on microbial content of smoked fish. Liquid smoke is derived from coconut shells. Type of research is an experimental quantitative approach. The experimental design used was a Completely Randomized Design (CRD) four treatments 6 times. The microbial content and organoleptic characteristics were analyzed by ANOVA test. The results of the TPC test found differences in the number of microbes in each treatment, the results of microbial analysis found that Fcount> Ftable (5.66> 3.10) it can be concluded that the temperature has an effect on the number of microbes and organoleptic characteristics of smoked fish.

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