Uji Kadar Sianida pada Sampel Air Permukaan Sungai secara Spektrofotometer

Fitri Angraini, Irham Falahudin


The test was conducted on river surface water samples using the HACH DR2800 spectrophotometer. The test was conducted at UPTD Environmental Laboratory, Department of Environment and Land (DLHP) Of South Sumatra Province. In  this test aims to find out the level of cyanide in some river water samples guided by KEP No. 22/MENLH/10/2021 contained in the UPTD Environmental Laboratory, Department of Environment and Land (DLHP) South Sumatra Province. Cyanide is a chemical compound of the Cyano group consisting of 3 carbon atoms bonded with nitrogen (C=N), and combined with other elements such as potassium or hydrogen. Cyanide negatively affects living things, disrupting liver function, breathing, and causing bone damage.In this test obtained in the sample code AP.1 can be cyanide levels 0.005 mg / L, sample code AP.2 in can cyanide levels 0.000 mg/L, sample code AP.3 in can cyanide levels 0.002 mg/L,  sample code AP.4 in cyanide levels can be 0.001 mg/L, sample code AP.5 in cyanide levels can be 0.001mg/L and sample code AP. 6 in cyanide levels can be 0. 004 mg/L

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