Modifikasi Metode Preparasi Pewarnaan Kromosom Pada Akar Kangkung (Ipomoea reptans)

Tri Puji Astuti Puput, Ike Apriani Ike, Nurul Fadhillah Dilla, Maryati Wendira Maryati


Chromosome staining is done to facilitate the calculation of the number of chromosomes. The optimal coloring method can help in the study of determining the diversity and level of ploidi in a plant. Coloring on preparations aims to clarify and sharpen the chromosome image so as to facilitate observation. This study aims to get the right and simple chromosome staining method. This study used a qualitative descriptive method which includes clarity of preparation and color contrast, consisting of 3 treatments, namely P1 (control) which only uses aquadest, P2: Treatment using HCL: 45% glacial acetic acid with a 3: 1 ratio heated during 10 minutes at 600C and soaked with acetocarmin for 15 minutes and P3: Treatment using 45% glacial acetic acid soaked for 2 hours and heating the root tip using HCL for 3-4 minutes, then soaked with acetocarmin acid for 20 hours. The results showed that P3 treatment showed better results compared to other treatments. The chromosome staining method of all treatments has not shown the exact and simple results.

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