Hubungan Angka Colifecal terhadap Proses Pencucian Galon Air Minum Isi Ulang

Nafi'ah Salsabila, Meta Yuliana, Rian Oktiansyah


Every living thing in the worl hangs on water, especially humans.  Good drinking water must meet the requirements of PERMENKES RI No.492/MENKES/PER/IV/2010. To meet the needs of drinking water for the community, refilled drinking water can be used as an alternative because it has an affordable price. Based on the field survey, it was found that DAMIU was not registered with the Health Office, thus allowing the water to be contaminated with bacteria such as coliforms because there was no supervision from related parties. This study aims to determine the relationship of Colifecal number to the washing process of refilled drinking water gallons. This research is descriptive quantitative and the sampling technique is total sampling. Collecting data through observation and laboratory examination using the Most Probable Number (MPN) method. Based on laboratory tests, it was found that 71.4% of DAMIU did not meet the requirements in the gallon washing process and 85.7% of DAMIU contained Colifecal bacteria. After analyzing using the Chi Square Test, the P value of 0.088 was obtained so that the p value> 0.05 which stated that there was no significant relationship between the gallon washing process and the Colifecal Number. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize sanitation checks and regular inspection of drinking water samples.

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