Teknik Ekstraksi Jaringan DNA Ikan Sidah (Anguilla sp.) di BRPPUPP Palembang

Rosa Damayanti, Awalul Fatiqin, Ike Trismawanti


DNA extraction is the process and the first step to get the total DNA from a biota. Eel fish (Anguilla sp.) is a family of Anguillidae that has a catadromous lifestyle, which starts life from the sea, grows to maturity in fresh water and returns to the sea to spawn. Research on DNA extraction in fish tissue can provide basic information for preserving eel populations. The purpose of this study was to obtain pure DNA in eel through extraction techniques. This research was conducted in February 2020 at the Fish Laboratory, the Fish Taxonomy Laboratory and the DNA Laboratory of the General Aquatic Fisheries Research Institute and Palembang Fisheries Extension. The fish samples used were samples that were already available from the Palembang BRPPUPP laboratory. The part of the sample that was extracted was the fish fin using the standard Genomic DNA Mini Kit method. The result of the research is that pure DNA is obtained which forms a fiber structure and is in the form of pellets that have gone through a series of peripitation and centrifugation processes. The DNA extract that has been obtained and dissolved in a buffer solution is then stored in a freezer at a temperature of around -20ºC, so that the extracted DNA sample can be stored for weeks. From the results obtained, it is concluded that DNA extraction is useful in obtaining pure DNA.

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