Pengaruh Nutrisi AB mix dan Jenis Media Pada Pertumbuhan Tanaman Pakcoy (Brassica rapa L) dan Selada (Lactuca sativa) Hidroponik

Sonia Adiba Sonia, Yastika Apriana Dewi Yastika, Hari Kapli Hari


Pakcoy and Lettuce are one of the vegetables that have high nutritional value, one of the ways to grow pakcoy is hydroponic cultivation. Hydroponics is a way of cultivating plants without using soil as medium of growth. So the soil media is replaced with husk charcoal, sand, Cocopeat etc. The necessary nutrients are in the form of a solution that is incorporated into the water. The purpose of this study was to examine effect of AB mix nutrition and media types on the growth of Pakcoy and Lettuce plants. This research was conducted in Green Corner Hydroponic Palembang on July 16 to August 11 2018. This study used a descriptive pattern, comparing previous research. From this study, the results of the pakcoy plant on 1200 ppm nutrition using rockwool media aged 28 days had plant height of 20 cm. While for the parameters of the number of leaves, pakcoy plant had 12 strands while the lettuce planted in the green corner of the Palem-bang hydroponic had a number 10 pieces of leaves. It can be concluded that each plant has a number of different nutritional needs. The greater the weight of the plant, nutrients needed are also quite a lot

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