Keanekaragaman Tumbuhan Bawah Dibawah Tegakan Tanaman Pelawan (Tristaniopsis Merguensis) Jarak Tanam Umur 2 Tahun di KHDTK Kemampo

Ice Mardila Ice, Wiwin Sundari Wiwin, Anita Restu P.R Anita


Lower plants are also often used as an indicator of soil fertility and litter production in improving soil fertility. In addition to ecological functions, understorey is also used as food and medicinal plants. But not infrequently also the understorey can act as weeds that inhibit the growth of tree regeneration, especially in cultivated monoculture plants. Therefore, a study was conducted on the diversity of understorey under stands of 2- year-old plant spreading plants in KHDTK Kemampo Banyuasin. Using important value index data analysis and diversity index. The results of this study obtained 5 types of diversity of family 6 genera and 6 species, with the highest INP value of Ageratum conyzoides of 116.49, then the second highest order was Asytaria intrusa of 38.95 and the index of understorey under the stands of plants in KHDTK Kemampo Banyuasin was - 229,2255279. This is shown to be low. This may be due to factors that affect plant diversity, such as environmental conditions and soil quality.

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