Analisis Pemanfaatan Serat Daun Nanas Sebagai Adsorben Zat Warna Metilen Biru Pada Limbah Pencelupan Kain Jumputan

Faizah Suryani Faizah, Azhari Azhari, Devie Oktarini Devi


This research was conducted to find out whether pineapple leaf fiber can be used as an adsorbent for methylene blue dyes used in the dyeing process of Jumputan Fabric. In this research, pineapple leaf fiber used must be activated first by using 2% NaOH solution so that the adsorption ability increases. To find out the optimum conditions, the activation time variation was carried out at 6, 12, 18 and 24 hours contact time to 30.60.90 and 120 minutes. It was also measured the effect of the concentration of methylene blue on the adsorption capacity of pineapple leaf fiber, with various concentrations of 25.35.45 and 55 mg / L. Analysis of the results of each treatment was carried out using UV-Vis spectrophotometry. The results obtained from the analysis were pineapple fibres capable of adsorbing methylene blue at 24 hours activation time with adsorbed levels of 2.1 mg / L. Contact time between methylene blue and pineapple leaves for 90 minutes with adsorbed levels 1.79 mg / L and concentration of methylene blue e 55mg / L with adsorbed levels 29.68 mg / L. The adsorption of pineapple leaf fiber to methylene blue is not chemical or physical adsorption.

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