Pembuatan Kristal Tembaga(II) Sulfat Pentahidrat Dengan Variasi Ukuran Tembaga Bekas

Siti Rodiah, Annisa Widya Budaya, Desti Erviana, Riska Ahsanunnisa, Ade Oktasari, Fitria Wijayanti, Nurul Kholidah, Mariyamah Mariyamah, Rima Daniar


Indonesia has a variety of industries. Some industries need ingredients to improve the quality of the products produced. CuSO4.5H2O crystals are one of the ingredients that are much needed in the industry. Copper is widely used in various electronic items, such as cables, coils, and others. Copper metal in these items contains quite high levels of copper. Used copper from these items is reprocessed into new copper metal which can be used for the needs of electronic goods. In this study, manufacture of Copper (II) Sulfate Pentahydrate crystals with various sizes of used copper taken from used wires. Copper is reacted with H2SO4 and HNO3. The results obtained from copper are short and long-sized Copper (II) Sulfate crystals of 0.976 grams and 0.411 grams, respectively, and the short and long-term yield of Copper (II) Sulfate from copper is 19.95% and 8,403%.

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ISSN (cetak): 2654-4032