Analisis Aspal Sintesis Dari Limbah Ban Bekas Dan Plastik (HDPE & PP) Dengan Perbandingan Pelarut Oli Bekas Dan Minyak Jelantah Berdasarkan Parameter Aspal Sni

Nurul Kholidah, Fachtur Rahman, Prayuda Prayuda, Siti Rodiah, Riska Ahsanunnisa, Fitria Wijayant, Ade Oktasari, Rima Daniar, Mariyamah Mariyamah


Used tires and plastics are one of the most abundant and often found in Final Disposal Sites (TPA). The waste is a common problem to deal with together. One of the things that can be done is to process the waste into asphalt. Indonesia is a country with high asphalt use, but this is not matched by the available supply. In this study, synthesis of asphalt from tire rubber and plastic was carried out with a variety of solvents. Asphalt quality test is carried out using simple density and viscosity tests. The results obtained, asphalt using used oil solvents have a higher viscosity, with a density of 1.04 gr / cm3 and meet national asphalt usage standards (SNI 06- 2488-1991) while synthetic asphalt using used cooking oil has a density of 0 , 87 gr / cm3 (does not meet the standard).

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ISSN (cetak): 2654-4032