Kajian Penerimaan Penerapan Sistem E-Voting Pada Pilkades Di Kecamatan Megang Sakti Dengan Pendekatan Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)

Syafri Aprudi, Yayat Saputra


One of the alternatives on voting system is the use of electronic technology (e-voting) which has widely been used altering conventional voting in this era. Technology of evoting nowadays has become an essential principal on conducting voting as one of the characteristics of democracy. The intention of this study was to measure the society’s acceptance on the use of e-voting system for kades election. The output of this study was the advantages of e-voting method for every kades election in each village thus the process of it could be more effective and efficient. The method which was used in this study was survey method. Data was gathered from respondents comprised from the society who legally had voting right to their kades in each village of Megang Sakti district by distributing six hundred close-ended questionaires as the samples. This research had three variables, namely usefulness, ease of use, and acceptance IT. The result of this research showed that perceived easy of use had positive influence to perceived usefulness in the amount of 84.2%, the perceived easy to use did not have any influence to acceptance IT, perceived usefulness had positive influence to acceptance IT in the amount of 81.3%, and perceived easy of use and usefulness construct had positive influence to acceptance IT in the amount of 84.8%.

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