Penilaian Knowledge Management Readiness (KMR) Level pada PTS di Palembang

Faradillah Faradillah, Aprinaldi Aprinaldi


Knowledge Management Readiness (KMR) is an important component in the preparation of Knowledge Management (KM) implementation in an organization. KM itself can be defined as a knowledge processing activity in several processes of creation, sharing, storing up to reuse knowledge to become an innovation as an effort to increase a company's competitive advantage. This study aims to assess at the level of readiness of PTS in implementing KM as an effort to improve the performance of PTS in managing knowledge. PTS readiness assessment was conducted using the Rao method through the development of the KMR model that had been tested previously through SEM analysis. This study involved 3 PTS in Palembang with 98 lecturers as respondents. The results of this study indicate that the three PTS are at the optimal level (institutionalized knowledge management). Several readiness factors proposed in this study are the results of the reference of several previous similar studies, the results of SEM analysis in this study showed quite different results from the results of previous studies.

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