Pembaharuan Teknologi Pada Media Belajar Matematika Berbasis Kartu Angka Menggunakan Sistem Komputer Vision

Rian Rahmanda Putra, Fery Antony, Husnawati Husnawati


Mathematical learning process using a numeric card can improve children’s cognitive abilities in mathematics. A numeric card can stimulate children to recognize numbers more quickly, stimulate intelligence, and be able to increase interest in learning, so numeric cards are a media that has a positive impact to improve children’s abilities in learning. In this paper proposed design of the system that can recognize the patterns on a numeric card and mathematical operations using neural network perceptron, so that children can learn mathematics using numeric cards independently. The computer vision system designed consists of camera phones that are connected with wireless to the computer using TCP / IP protocol. The camera phones will capture an image on the numeric card, then send the captured image to the computer. The computer can recognize numeric card patterns, and then mentions the numbers and results of mathematical operations listed on the card with sound output. The results of this study show the system can recognize numeric card patterns and mathematical operators well and can perform simple calculations with sound output, the success rate obtained in this study is 90% of total 100 tests that have been conducted.

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