Potensi Air Perasan Jahe Merah (Zingiber officinale Rosc) sebagai Larvasida Aedes aegypti

Miranti Miranti, Awalul Fatiqin


The purpose of the study was to determine the LC50 value of red ginger juice as larvicide Ae . aegypti. The method used in this study was an experiment using a completely randomized design (CRD) consisting of 5 treatments and 5 replications. 24 hour LC50 values and 48 hours of red ginger juice are 2.234% and 1.987%. Significant value of p < 0.05 showed that red ginger juice had significant effect on killing larvae Aedes aegypti, while the concentration that caused the death of 50% of the test larvae was 2.234% in susceptibility within 24 hours, and 1.987% in susceptible within 48 hours.

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ISSN (cetak): 2654-4032