Faktor Fisik dan Biologi yang Mempengaruhi Kepadatan Larva Anopheles di Kelurahan Kemelak

Amlarrasit Amlarrasit, M Adi wijaya, Awalul Fatiqin


The purpose of the study was to find out the breeding sites of Anopheles larvae in Kemelak Village and find out influencing factors such as water temperature, sunlight, salt content, habitat area, pH of water, distance from residential areas, larva-eating fish and plant species. This study uses a Cross Sectional design that is the collection of research data conducted at the same time. Breeding places found Anopheles larvae are swamp 2 with larvae density 70, swamp 7 density 30 larvae, pond 2 density 100 larvae and pond 6 density larvae 110 and influencing factors that are average water temperature 29-30oC, sun exposure not direct, salinity 0 ‰, habitat area 21-2400 m2 , pH water 6, distance from residential areas 7-30 meters, dominantly there are larva-eating fish, types of plants namely kale and grass.

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ISSN (cetak): 2654-4032