Analisis Usability Situs AMOr Menggunakan System Usability Scale pada PT PLN UPDK Keramasan

Radha Martalia, Fathiyah Nopriani


Usability analysis on the website can help in evaluating and developing the website. Currently, many websites provide a variety of information, but not a few websites cannot fulfill the main purpose of creating a website so that they often disappoint users in accessing the website. Through usability analysis can help improve system use and perspective of use. Likewise on the AMOr website (Organization Management Application), usability analysis can provide input for PT PLN UPDK Keramasan in developing the AMOr website more innovatively. Where in this study using the System Usability Scale method. The results of the analysis were obtained from respondents using a questionnaire that had been provided by the SUS Method itself. As for the results of the analysis of the SUS score in this study, namely 77, with an Acceptable level on the Accetability Ranges side, occupying Grade C on the Grade Scale side and being in the Good position on the Adjective Rating side. This shows that the AMOr Website has been accepted by the employees of PT PLN UPDK Keramasan as a useful website that can help in finding company information, and is satisfied with its access.

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