Preparasi dan Karakterisasi SBK Tipe I dan II sebagai Produk Immune Booster Milk Era Pandemi Covid-19

Rais Nur Latifah, Binti Lathifatur Rohmah


SBK is brown rice milk mixed water of Nabeez Kurma Ajwa (Phoenix dactylifera L). SBK is one of the innovations in creating highly nutritious drinks in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of this research is make herbal drinks as an immune booster that can be consumed from children to adults as a nutritional doping for the body. In this research, SBK was made two variations in composition between brown rice, ajwa dates and water in a ratio of 1:3:10 (SBK Type I) and 1:3:35 (SBK Type II). The method of making SBK Type I and II is  HTST (High Temperature Short Time) pasteurization. SBK product quality testing includes analysis of dissolved nutrient content (carbohydrates and fat), milk texture, milk shelf life and organoleptic tests. The results showed that SBK Type II had a higher nutritional value than SBK Type I. The results of testing the levels of carbohydrates and fats in SBK Type II were 63.56 mg/mL milk (m/v) and 0.24 mg/mL milk (m/v). The texture of SBK Type II has a high level of molecular density with a regular molecular arrangement compared to SBK Type I. Besides that, the empty space between SBK Type II particles is less and the molecules have a larger and more diverse molecular size so that the collisions between particles and milk viscosity are very high . The shelf life of SBK Type I is 12 days. SBK Type II has a longer shelf life of 27 days at 4oC. Organoleptic analysis showed a higher level of preference for SBK Type II than SBK Type I.

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