Iktiofauna di Sungai Kelingi Kabupaten Musi Rawas Provinsi Sumatera Selatan

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The fish in the upper Kelingi River is small compared to other rivers in Indonesia, this needs to be carried out further research so that the data obtained can reveal the diversity of fish species in the Kelingi River. The purpose of this study was to determine the types of fish in the Kelingi River in Tuah Negeri District, Musi Rawas Regency. The study was conducted in June-July 2018. The stages of the research were, a. determine the sampling location; b. preparation of tools and materials; c. fish sampling; d. identification; e. data analysis. Fish obtained during the study were 124 species. Fish in Kelingi River in Tuah Negeri Subdistrict, Musi Rawas District, identified 9 species of fish belonging to 5 families and 3 orders. Rasbora caudimaculta is the type of fish most caught during the stud

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